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Photo by Simon Pynt.

Between 1954 and 1997, the Liberty Theater in Perth had many identities and hosted a plethora of films ranging from arthouse to European foreign language to Chinese martial arts. But since its closure 25 years ago, it has been dormant.

Now, STRUT Dance, Perth’s National Choreographic Centre, opens its doors and invites the public to explore this labyrinthine Gold Rush-era building that has endured where so many others have fallen. Quietly located on Barrack St, nestled in the heart of Perth city, the Liberty Theater is full of untold stories, charming character and limitless potential. For this production, eight new creative teams take over this historic site and its memories, taking the audience on a journey through old and new spaces.

Every job in SITU-8: CITY was created in response to a key element of a film, reimagined to speak about the identity of the artists, contemplating the world they want to live in now and in the future. Strut artists have teamed up with the Tura New Music Center for the project.

SITU-8: CITY features new creations from Antonio Rinaldi and Celina Hage, Bobby Russell, Daisy Sanders, Olivia Hendry and Kimberley Parkin, Sam Coren, Sarah Aiken, Talitha Maslin and Tom Mullane; with original compositions by Alice Humphries, David Stewart and Nonie Trainor, Em Burrows, Eduardo Cossio, Felicity Groom, Louis Frere-Harvey, Peter McAvan and Randa Khamis. Curators are Sofie Burgoyne and Timothy Green with help from Ashleigh White.

Appointment: November 1 to 11
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