Paramount Theater 2022 films: it’s a wonderful lineup


It’s starting to look a lot like … 2022 at the Paramount Theater in Abilene.

The Downtown Performing Arts Center on Monday announced the schedule for next year’s film series, a program that will feature heroes as diverse as Moses, Selena, Lightning McQueen, Maria von Trapp and Luke Skywalker. .

Paramount’s annual series has been on hiatus for the past two years due to COVID-19, darkening for long periods of time. But hopes are high that a full season of 15 films will be released.

To borrow from a feature film title, Paramount hopes to offer “The Great Escape” to moviegoers.

The year begins with “Chicago”. In 2020, Paramount had started preparations for the stage version of the show, but had to cancel due to the pandemic. So it’s fitting that a new season of films begins with the Oscar-winning film.

Some favorites are back, including a Star Wars movie (“The Empire Strikes Back”), a Hitchcock thriller (“Psycho”) and the timeless Rodgers and Hammerstein (“The Sound of Music”).

Cultural diversity is offered with “Selena” and “The Color Purple”.

And we think it’s the first screening of “Cars” at the theater.

For guys, it will be macho time with Virgil Hitts (Paul Newman) in the classic “The Great Escape” and Rooster Cogburn (John Wayne) in “True Grit”. The 1969 version also features the late Glen Campbell.

It’s an even year, so “It’s a Wonderful Life” will be the holiday movie. It’s “White Christmas” this year (presentation Friday and Saturday).

“Love Actually” is the New Years Eve movie – it’s “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” later this month.

A bonus for moviegoers is that in these days of inflation, tickets will be vintage 2014: $ 7 for adults, $ 6 for students, children, seniors and the military.

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The Paramount 2022 film program

“Chicago”: January 7-8

“Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back”: February 11-12

“Cars”: March 18-19

“The Ten Commandments (1956)”: April 8-9

“Séléna”: May 13-14

“The violet color”: June 3-4

“True Grit (1969): July 8-9

“The great escape”: August 12-13

“Mean Girls”: September 9-10

“The Shawshank Redemption”: October 7-8

“Psycho” (1960): October 31

“The sound of music”: November 11-12

“National Lampoon Christmas Vacation”: December 3

“It’s a wonderful life”: December 9-10

“Love in fact”: December 31

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