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Dreams came true for 19-year-old singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo as her Sour Tour stopped by the Greek Theater in Los Angeles for two sold-out shows. I was able to attend the appointment on May 25 where she revealed that she had always dreamed of acting outside, “when I was little, my parents went up to Los Angeles with me to take acting classes . We’d hike around Griffith Park after every class and I’d tell them for years when we walked past the Greek, “one day I’m going to play there.” Not only did she get that wish, but once the tickets for her tour went on sale all the dates sold out in seconds. A rare feat for a musician in the making. Everyone wants to see Rodrigo perform live since it’s her first time on tour, a special moment in her musical career.

It’s been exactly a year since Rodrigo released his debut album Sour. An album that broke records left and right and is universally loved thanks to its heartfelt depiction of teenage love, insecurities and heartbreak. With only Sour under his belt, it’s no surprise that the entire evening consisted of tracks from the album along with a few surprises. The evening kicked off with the thundering guitar riffs of “brutal” as the crowd watched purple curtains open to a set similar to those used in Sour Prom, a concert film Rodrigo released on YouTube last year. last. Twinkling streamers decorated the stage, alongside a light-up disco ball and a large bleacher front and center with Rodrigo’s all-female band standing tall. The energetic singer appeared shortly after running on stage shouting the track’s witty lines to a cheering crowd. Ironically, we didn’t have to wait long to hear the song that introduced the singer to the world, as the Grammy-winning hit “Driver’s License” was the third song she performed while playing the piano.

It was wonderful to see Rodrigo show off his skills on stage, for powerful ballads like “hope ur ok” and “happy” she would change it up playing the grand piano, serenading the crowd with his guitar and showcasing his dynamic and powerful voice. Rodrigo carves his own unique style by mixing singer-songwriter ballads with touches of punk-rock fun. That’s why the inclusions of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” and No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” were perfect cover choices for Rodrigo because she has the vocal chops to deliver a solid performance. Towards the end of her set, she invited her collaborator and producer Dan Nigro on stage to perform “favorite crime”. It was nice to finally witness the musical chemistry between them in person, as the duo spent a lot of time together creating and writing Sour.

Rodrigo’s career as a successful childhood actress helped her be comfortable on stage, she knows how to interact and wow a crowd. Just like in her music, Rodrigo is honest with her audience by admitting that she’s still insecure like everyone else: “I’m 19 and I’m insecure most of the time, and I probably will be when I’m twenty and twenty. -one and twenty-two and maybe for the rest of my life. Something that comforts me in that feeling is knowing that everyone in everyone feels that way at some point in their life… If you feel that way, sometimes I feel that way too and everyone in the Greek Theater does too.” It’s nice to see young artists like she takes the time to discuss insecurity and mental health, something that can be so impactful for young participants.

Rodrigo ended the night rocking with his whole band through a thunderous rock performance of the hit “good 4 u”. A perfect way to end the evening. Rodrigo officially ended his US tour on May 27 in San Fransico and is now heading to Europe for the rest of the summer. She’s also returning to the small screen for the next season of Disney+’s hit show High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, which premieres later this year.

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Photo credit: Skyler Barberio / @skylerbarberio

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