Midnight visit to mark Queensland theater history


The best-selling underground theatrical experience, Choose Your Own Adventure, A Midnight Visit, by Broad Encounters Productions, has happily haunted its abandoned warehouse in Fortitude Valley since late July.

Defying the ravages of industry lockdowns and insecurity, this independent production is now entering its 18th week of performances, making it Brisbane’s longest-running theatrical production since The Phantom of the Opera in 1996/1997.

Since opening, more than 13,000 people have been captivated by their imaginations in the award-winning, must-see-to-believe experience. The multisensory wonder that has grown from a deserted warehouse to over 30 beautifully macabre and wonderfully spooky theaters is reminiscent of a movie set.

A Midnight Visit invites you to explore a dark dream world of thrill, obsession, decadence and awe, inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. He blew up the notion of what theater is and can be. It engages and involves the public in new, innovative and extraordinary ways.

Broad Encounters Director Kirsten Siddle explains:

There is no right or better way to decipher a midnight visit. We asked the audience to come with a curious mind and a courageous soul. The dream world we have created is an experience where you can look, touch and feel the mysteries, madness and macabre delights of the grandfather of Gothic literature, Edgar Allan Poe. The concepts and themes that consumed it continue to haunt contemporary society and the public is diving into it !.

People from the theater:

A delight for all the senses.

The West Australian:

Breathtaking… An astonishing labyrinth with both devilish and delicious surprises around every corner.


A sure shot … lots of fun.

Eric O’Delic said in a Facebook review:

The audience was so enthralled that many booked to see the show twice, three times and even eight times. I have been there twice now and would definitely go back! Don’t miss it!

Whie Jenny Wynter writes:

It was absolutely phenomenal. I have been there twice and would definitely stay there again (die). I was lucky enough to see Sleep No More in New York a few years ago and thought it would be a smaller, budget version, but I was blown away. I really can’t get over what you all accomplished with this production, it is definitely one of the best theater experiences of my life and I hope everyone gets a chance to be a part of it!

A Midnight Visit by Broad Encounters Productions is being played at 95 Robertson Street, Fortitude Valley.

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Photo credit: Peter Wallis

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