Courtyard Mall providing a seasonal outlet for creative arts, theater and music


Modest but strategically placed, The Courtyard is home to a handful of small businesses and may not be as popular as some of the more elaborate facilities that have sprung up in the city. The businesses that populate the mini-mall have their own clientele, though the installation didn’t generate the buzz usually associated with similar types of spaces. Often people who come and go do so primarily to use the commercial bank’s ATM located in one of its kiosks near the Robb Street sidewalk.

The owner of The Courtyard, David Yhann, accepts the need to breathe new life into the establishment to bring it closer to the attention of the potentially large clientele that walks or drives by every day. In his conversations with this newspaper, he has, from time to time, thrown around ideas for doing so, and it seems that a beginning is beginning to take shape.

From Friday, December 9, and on successive Fridays and Saturdays, The Courtyard will be both a marketplace and a stage. Leaflets, whose circulation should intensify this weekend, promote his foray into crafts, music and theater. Booths will feature home decor, arts, crafts and handmade gifts.

In addition to providing a seasonal market for vendors, “Cre8ive” (Creative), as the event was labeled, will offer food, drink and entertainment, including theatre. Along with Surinamese musical import Maya Band performing on Friday, December 16, the line-up of artists will include local bands Jammin With Everyone, Jazz & Poetry on a Stool, Feed The Flames and Music Unlimited.

The commercial result of the event will also take into account fundraising targeting the Association des Sourds de Guyane and Mercy Wings.

The advent of shopping malls and other controlled spaces as part of the city’s architectural landscape has opened up new urban business and entertainment opportunities and Yhann told Stabroek Business that Creative is “a really pilot initiative” and that in the new year, the facility will seek to expand its program. This corresponds to Yhann’s expressed wish to find a market for creative people, whether in the field of arts or crafts. Part of the focus is also on creating a culinary mecca at The Courtyard.

Creative is looking to restore The Courtyard to the weekend popularity it enjoyed during a time when a succession of snackettes, including the now-defunct Jerries, were part of the facility and the occasional barbecue drew walk-in customers. you passing by the sidewalk of Robb Street.

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