BV Karanth birth anniversary will be celebrated as Bharatiya Theater Music Day



The birthday of the theater’s deceased, BV Karanth, which falls on September 19, will be declared Bharatiya Theater Music Day or “Bharatiya Ranga Sangeetha Dina” in Kannada. It is the 91st anniversary of Karanth’s birth.

Rangayana director Addanda C Cariyapa said the nonagenarian Paramashivan, who was musical director of Gubbi Nataka Company of Gubbi Veeranna, will make an announcement to this effect on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. in Rangayana in Mysuru.

“The theatrical Srinivas G Kappanna will start downloading the audio of Karanth’s theatrical music on the Internet social networks. Rangayana artists will sing songs, tuned by Karanth. His video recording will be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube. The links will be available at, ”he said.

Cariyaappa said that Indian theater is based on music and dance. “This is noticeable in the theatrical forms of all states and communities. In Karnataka we have Hari Katha, Kamsale, Suggi Kunitha, Veeragase, Yakshagana, etc. Even professional or corporate theater and folk theater emphasize music. Modern theater, which is influenced by Western theater, has also kept music as an integral part. The theatrical music is part of a performance that appears for a short time, but haunts audiences long after the play, ”he said.

“Karanth, founder of Rangayana but also Neelakanteshwara Natya Seva Sangha (Ninasam), freed himself from the shackles of ideologies and strove to strengthen the theater. He used to say, our lyrics should be like a song and songs should be like our words from the heart; music knows no religion, it is part of all faiths; theater music doesn’t need scholars, you just have to understand the rhythm and the melody. Thus, he gave a new dimension to Indian theater music, based on tradition, ”Cariyaappa said.

He said: “Karanth, who was also director of Bharat Bhavan Rang Mandal in Bhopal, gave a new perspective and added value to the Kannada theater at a time when it was overshadowed by other forms of entertainment, including the movie theater. He introduced colorful magical technical grandiosity to the theater, accompanied by music and dancing to enhance the audience experience.

Cariyaappa said, “We are planning to organize theater music seminars, congratulate senior artists related to theater music, and organize theater music workshops. We wish other organizations and theater enthusiasts to engage in similar activities, to mark Indian Theater Music Day, in memory of Karanth.

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