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The South Dakota Democratic Party establishment struggles to speak out boldly for women’s reproductive rights. Too often, South Dakota Democrats not only remain silent, but facilitate the SDGOP‘s deceptive war to women’s equality. South Dakota Democrats appoint Tory lawmaker to governor who requested reversal Roe vs. Wade, thinking it helps the democrats win the elections.

But if we do not fight for the reproductive autonomy of women – and right now, precisely, if we do not mobilize against The New Texas Senate Bill 8, the radical ban on abortion by vigilantes, and similar laws attack women’s constitutional rights – we are ceding vital ground on voter rights, economic justice, the rule of law, and many other issues Republicans would crush in favor of their desired white supremacist theocracy.

Everything is connected, says author and activist Sikivu Hutchinson:

It’s important to contextualize the assault on abortion as part of the white supremacist’s backlash against voting rights, workers’ rights, LGBTQI + equity, climate change, and secular freedoms. The Supreme Court Christian nationalist agenda highlights the devastating threat to public health and safety posed by white supremacy. Not only will draconian restrictions on abortion further destabilize the lives of poor, working-class women of color without a safety net, but they will widen the multigenerational wealth gap in communities disrupted by the pandemic.

Nationally, black and Latin essential workers continue to bear the brunt of pandemic shutdowns, downsizing and lack of child care services. And, as many have pointed out, SB 8’s sanctioning of Orwellian surveillance, self-defense, and prosecution of those who assist with abortion access will restore the back alley culture that once existed. Roe deer.

Just as this recent SCOTUS decision exemplified the theocratic authority of cisgender white men, the evisceration of Roe deer is a product of grassroots white patriarchal terror – the long heinous campaign of abortion clinic blockades, bombings, stalking and physician murders that laid the foundation of Texas and has its corollary in the January 6 terrorist attack on the Capitol [Sikivu Hutchinson, “The Gutting of ‘Roe’ Isn’t About Religion, It’s a Product of White Terror,” Religion Dispatches, 2021.09.14].

Democrats, we must speak the truth to power on all issues, including women’s reproductive rights. Even if you don’t have a uterus, the attack on the right to abortion is an attack on your rights. To speak with authority on issues of equality and justice, Democrats must nominate candidates in South Dakota and Texas and everywhere else who will say unequivocally that women have the right to control their bodies.

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