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Thespian Sohag Sen’s theater group Ensemble recently celebrated their 38th anniversary with great fanfare. Sohag, for more than three decades, innovates in theatrical methods, introduces new texts and playwrights and creates new artists through workshops. The celebrations began with a Rabindra Sangeet recital by singer Rohini Raychaudhuri as she performed Modhuro Tomar Sheshe Je Na Pai, among others. This was followed by a reading of a monologue titled Reflections by Jean Kallmeyer by Sohag herself. She had everyone shared with her wit and ironic humor about a septuagenarian discovering his sexual arousal. Then there was a musical performance by Sutapa Ghosh and Kaushik Bose, who sang songs from plays like Paap and Shirir Neeche, which are former productions of the theater group. Both remembered stories of rehearsals and how these two pieces were based on texts developed in workshops. Interdisciplinary artist Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee also read an evocative excerpt from Tagore’s short story Robibar and an English poem Type Of Love by Jenai Dalal. The program ended with songs from the play Udyogparbo, performed by the new members of the group.

“We have always believed in creating new avenues for theater artists and I hope our group will continue to look within with a yes to art,” Sohag said.

The event also saw the unveiling of the poster for Dwash, the group’s new production which will open in May this year. Among the guests we spotted singer Chaitali Lahiri, dancer Arnab Bandopadhyay, director Abanti Chakraborty, social activist Nilanjana Chatterjee and many more.

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