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King of Shock Rock Alice Cooper and the Spaceman himself, original Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley performed at the Greek Theater on Sunday (4/24). It wasn’t their first tour together or their first concert at the Greek. Cooper and Frehley played Greek in 2018 and Cooper played Greek again in 2019 with the Hollywood Vampires. This tour started in September 2021 and continued until October. Cooper and Frehley reunited again for a short spring 2022 date streak ending with Greek.

Ace Frehley was the guitarist for KISS from their formation in 1973 until 1982, and then again when the original band reunited from 1996 to 2001. Frehley recorded 10 studio albums and five live albums as a member of KISS. Frehley has also released nine solo albums. In 2014, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Frehley and Peter Criss reunited once again for the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, but their band did not perform. In 2018, Frehley performed with Simmons, current KISS drummer Eric Singer and former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick at Capitol Records in Hollywood, California for Simmons Vault Experience.

Frehley performed an eight-song set plus a guitar solo. Frehley opened with “Rocket Ride” and included a mix of KISS and solo hits like “Rock Soldiers”, “Detroit Rock City” and “Deuce”. During the solo, Frehley did his famous smoking guitar trick. What’s great about seeing Frehley is not only seeing the Spaceman himself play guitar on the KISS hits he was on, but also the ones he sang original lead vocals on. For die-hard fans, Frehley offers three meet and greet packages. One includes a signed guitar, a signed lighting bolt strap identical to that used by Frehley, and a hand painted/signed guitar.

Alice Cooper was originally formed as a band. In 1964 the original members formed a band which went by several names before becoming Alice Cooper in 1968. The band released their first album in 1969 called Pretties for You and released six more albums. The band’s last three albums, School’s Out, Billion Dollar Babies and Muscle of Love, were their highest charting albums on the Billboard 200. Their third and fourth albums Love It to Death and Killer both went platinum. School’s Out reached number two in the United States and one in Canada as well as platinum. Billion Dollar Babies went to number one in the US, the Netherlands and the UK, and went Platinum. Muscle of Love went gold and reached number 10. After the group broke up in 1975, singer Vince Furnier legally changed his name to Alice Cooper. The group has had a few reunions over the years of the four surviving members and in 2011 were inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Cooper released 21 more albums beginning with the groundbreaking album Welcome to My Nightmare in 1975 followed by Alice Cooper Goes to Hell. Nine of the albums sold between gold and platinum and all but one reached the Billboard 200.

The Alice Cooper Band has consisted of Tommy Henriksen (guitar), Chuck Garric (bass), Nita Strauss (guitar), Ryan Roxie (guitar) and Glen Sobel (drums) since 2014. The show started with “Feed My Frankenstein”, and the giant Frankenstein came running out. There was also a part of the song where Garric Strauss, Roxie, and Henriksen all got together while Cooper watched from above. The show featured all of the legendary theater and outfits, including the straight jacket and sash on “Steven,” and a bloody shirt for “Roses on My White Lace.” “Billion Dollar Babies” featured a giant baby and rather than Cooper shaking counterfeit bills with his face on a sword, he fired them with a confetti cannon this time. Cooper’s wife, Sheryl, is part of the show playing the roles his daughter Calico plays as the bride who appears to have come from the haunted Disneyland carousel in “Roses on White Lace.”

Nita Strauss, the world’s number one guitarist, played a solo after “Billion Dollar Babies” and a dueling solo with Roxie for “The Black Widow.” After “The Black Widow”, Glen Sobel gave a drum solo. The last song before the encore was “Teenage Frankenstein”. As always, Cooper ended with his biggest song “School’s Out,” combined with the lyrics “We don’t need no education,” from Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall Pt II.” which Cooper has included for a number of years now. Balloons came out and Cooper popped a few with his sword. This year, “School’s Out” and the album of the same name are 50 years old. Just two days after the show and 50 years earlier “Schools Out”, the only single from the album was released 50 years ago and the album was released in June 1972.

Cooper begins filming again on May 23 and has dates booked through July and then September through October. Frehley continues to shoot until June.

Set list:

  1. Rocket Ride – KISS

  2. Parasite – KISS

  3. snatch it

  4. soldiers of the rock

  5. Detroit Rock City – KISS

  6. New York Groove – Russ Ballard

  7. Shock Me – KISS

  8. Cold Gin / Black Diamond – KISS

  9. Deuce – KISS

Set list:

Nightmare Castle (Intro)

  1. Feed my Frankenstein

  2. More Mr Nice Guy

  3. bed of nails

  4. Hi Stoopid

  5. To fall in love

  6. be my lover

  7. Come on man come on

  8. under my wheels

  9. He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)

  10. Go to hell

  11. I am eighteen years old

  12. Poison

  13. Billion dollar babies

  14. Guitar Solo – Strauss

  15. Roses on white lace

  16. my stars

  17. devil’s food

  18. The black Widow

  19. Drum solo – Sobel

  20. Steve

  21. dead babies

  22. I love the dead
    (Choir only)

  23. Escape

  24. Teen Frankenstein


25. School’s Out / Another Brick in the Wall Pt. II

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